Just 12km from the centre of Adelaide, Glenelg Beach remains one of the most iconic summer locations in South Australians for over 150 years - and now becomes home to our first ever SummerSalt! 

SummerSalt is a new national concert experience celebrating our iconic summertime locations - a day of fun in the sun with the perfect soundtrack to match - which we’re beyond excited to share with communities around Australia in 2017!

We aim to provide a truly unique feast for the senses this summer - an eclectic concert series with a focus on the proven and beloved performers, creating the perfect setting to either dance with your friends or chill on the beach.

Featuring an array of market stalls, mobile food vendors, bars and the SummerSalt Lounge (for Lounge ticketholders), prepare to be immersed in a new and vibrant concert atmosphere - as real as the sand between your toes.

This is a safe, community-minded all ages event. We respect the gorgeous summer settings we operate in, and include green initiatives to minimise our impact to these locations and beyond.

Get ready for some sun, salt & music…