John Butler Trio

Glenelg Beach Line Up

John Butler Trio

Deeply endeared in the hearts of Australians since the 5x platinum 2004 album Sunrise Over Sea, The John Butler Trio have since become much loved throughout the wide spectrum of roots rock music throughout the world.

With a body of work that moves between playful, poignant and inspirational, John Butler Trio’s powerful songwriting have made their albums best sellers across Australia, while their live performances around the globe leave concertgoers both awed and moved. 

From busking in Fremantle to playing some of the world’s greatest stages, John Butler Trio remains a humble voice that defines blues, roots and indie rock music in Australia.

Prepare to feel a connection at SummerSalt 2017 - to those around you, the land underneath you, and the emotions that fill you through John Butler Trio’s music.


Missy Higgins

Missy Higgins has enjoyed phenomenal success with her irresistible melodies and 'arrow through the heart' lyrics, delivered by a striking voice that clearly means it.

Missy's highly acclaimed albums The Sound Of White (Album Of The Year featuring the hit singles ‘Scar’ and ‘Ten Days’), On A Clear Night (featuring North American top 20 airplay hit ‘Where I Stood’ and ‘Steer’) and The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle (#1 album featuring ‘Everyone’s Waiting’) have sold over two million albums and singles globally.

With new single ‘Torchlight’ from the Australian film Don’t Tell dropping earlier in 2017 and a bevy of evocative classics, there’s sure to be some magic moments on the coast when Missy Higgins performs.